SolarEdge 33.3kw 3PH Inverter

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The SolarEdge inverter 3PH, 33.3 kW for 277 / 480V grid. The inverter has a maximum DC power of 45,000Wp and an AC power of 33,000. This makes it perfectly suitable for commercial PV installations. The inverter comes with set-app configuration and panel-level monitoring. IP65 protection.

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Technology inverter

The inverter comes with combined advanced digital control technology with efficient energy conversion architecture to achieve superior solar yield and best-in-class reliability. The fixed voltage technology ensures that the inverter always works with the correct input voltage. As a result, a maximum energy gain takes place and a higher energy yield is created over time.

PV Data monitoring

The inverter contains its own data monitor, which makes it possible to monitor the power optimizer of each PV module. This creates a clear and better understanding of the inverter performance data. This data can be sent via the web to the Solaredge monitoring platform. Here we look at performance analysis, Error detection and possible problem solutions for the PV system.

Communication & configuration

With Set-app configuration, this makes configuring and activating the inverter even easier. The user can easily configure and activate the inverter via the Solaredge Set app. The inverter comes with WiFi, so that the use of external communication means is not necessary.

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