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Parrot Interactive Whiteboard Multi Touch 78"

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The Parrot 78” Multi-touch smart board is the perfect plug and play interactive whiteboard for you school or business. Introducing this product into your existing ecosystem has no negative impact and allows interaction with all existing content through the free no license Interactive Whiteboard software that is bundled with the product.

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78 inch interactive whiteboard
4 x Mounting brackets
8 x Expandable wall bolts
5 Meter USB cable
2 x Stylus pens
1 x Extended reach stylus
1 x Stylus Tray (mounts onto the board at the bottom with 3x included screws)

Minimum PC Specifications:

– Celeron processor
– 2GB Ram
– 500GB HDD

Suggested PC Specifications:

– i5 Processor
– 4GB ram
– 500GB SS